September 27, 2023

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Secure your next big catch on the Lyngen fjord!

"It is a unique experience to fish while being surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Lyngen Alps”, says Alf, the owner of Koppangen Brygger.

Koppangen Brygger.

Koppangen Brygger is a guesthouse which consists of multiple fishing houses in Koppangen. Koppangen, a village in the municipality Lyngen, is traditionally a fishing village.

Since 2003, Koppangen Brygger has hosted thousands of fishing trips and giving visitors the thrill that salt water fishing has to offer.

Visitors catching fish in the Lyngen Fjord.
"Koppangen Brygger is a dream location for deep sea fishing and I will gladly share some of the best spots the fjord has to offer." - Alf

Alf has a small boat at the dock which he uses for multiple purposes. “The winter season is popular for skiing, the summer season is all about fishing”, says Alf. During the winter, the boat is used to transfer visitors from the guesthouse to the foot of the mountain with their skies. In the summer season, the boat is used for fishing purposes.

It is a unique experience to fish while being surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Lyngen Alps.

Fishing in the Lyngen Fjords.

“Some people come back for fishing during the summer eason every year”, says Alf, who once was a professional fisherman himself. Koppangen Brygger offers the possibility to rent small boats and the right equipment. All kinds of fish is caught here, like cod and halibut, and many more.

A fish caught at Koppangen Brygger.

An old tradition in Koppangen is making stockfish. A stockfish is an unsalted, dried fish. The fish is dried on a wooden rack, by the cold air. The stockfish in Koppangen is a bit more special, since the wind comes from the sea, flavouring up the fish with salt. “We used to dry the stockfish here back in the day”, while Alf points at the area where now the kitchen and restaurant is.

It is no problem to get to eat the delicious fish you caught yourself! The experienced fisherman has all the facilities to clean, prepare and freeze the fish you have caught. “

Because after all, the best part of fishing is eating it”, jokes Alf.

Dinner at Koppangen Brygger.

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