September 27, 2023

The Lyngen Alps - One of Nature´s Masterpieces

Summer or wintertime? Lyngen has so much to offer!

Lyngen is a dream location for people who are into outdoor activities, whether you are visiting in the summer or in the winter.

The winter in Lyngen

The Lyngen Alps are known for their sharp peaks and free-riding down-hill skiing tracks: almost every skier’s biggest dream! But Lyngen has more to offer during the winter!

Northern lights above Koppangen Brygger.

The winter at Lyngen is full of outdoor adventures. Every outdoor activity you have ever dreamed of, is possible in Lyngen! “Every now and then, I get to see whales”, says Alf smiling while showing us a video of multiple killer whales swimming around his boat in late November.

The Northern Lights in Lyngen

Also, the Northern lights are very popular. Since Lyngen lays in a so-called ´Northern lights belt´, the lights can often be seen. "You only have to look up", says Alf.

The Northern Lights from Koppangen Brygger.

Other winter activities in Lyngen

Whilst ski-touring through the Lyngen alps is by far the most popular activity to do, experiences like cross-country skiing, snowshoe hiking and dogsledding should not be forgotten.

Snowshoe hike in Lyngen.

Alf offers all kind of skiing packages and the right equipment to facilitate your favourite outdoor adventure at Koppangen Brygger!

The summer in Lyngen

Koppangen has much more to offer in the summer than just fishing. From hiking to the valley to see tall waterfalls and reindeer, to glacier walking and hiking up the mountains to get spectacular views of the fjord.

The summer in Lyngen.

The midnight sun in Lyngen

The midnight sun causes Lyngen to bath in sunlight up to 24 hours a day during the summer. These hikes are even more magical than they already were with the sun high up in the sky. Also, collect your dinner on the way!

Get your own food

Combining one of the walking trips with wild berry picking or mushroom hunting. Collect your own blueberries, mountain berries, and wild mushrooms! Ask Alf and experience it all at Koppangen Brygger!

Berry picking in the Lyngen Alps.
Koppangen Brygger in summer time.
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